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Places of interest in Kolkata

About - Places of interest in Kolkata

A concoction of art, culture, food, entertainment and intelligence Kolkata is the ideal tourist destination. One of the largest and most important economies of the country the city of Joy has truly been blessed with everything in abundance. When it comes to entertainment Kolkata is termed one of the most happening cities in India, Depending on the type of entertainment you are looking for the city offers it to you. If entertainment means reading a book you could visit the National Library. If entertainment for you is spending a day at the mall then Kolkata has no dearth of it and in case you just want to hop around some interesting places in the city then also the city unfolds its best self to you. and when it comes to entertainment in Calcutta, the city of joy has a lot of choices to offer. The people of Calcutta are very talented and have an artistic flair.

Kolkata offers a whole gamut of interesting places be it religious destinations, architectural marvels or art galleries. Some interesting places in the city are rare and one of a kind. A trip to some of these interesting places will simply leave you asking for more.

Below is a list of some of the places of interest in Kolkata

Indian Museum

One of the prime attractions of the city the Indian Museum was established way back in 1878. The Indian museum also happens to be the largest museum in the country spread across almost ten thousand square feet area. There are over sixty galleries of art pertaining to archaeology, zoology, anthropology, geology, and botany.

Victoria Memorial

built in 1906 in the memory of Queen Victoria by the British in India, Victoria Memorial is one of the best pieces of architecture after the Taj Mahal in the country. Spread across 60 acres of lush greeneries this marvelous marble palace forms the focal point of interests of most of the travelers to Kolkata. Serving as a museum in the current day the Victoria Memorial provides a number of portraits of eminent personalities, galleries with paintings and documents that offer a glimpse of the city's history during the British era.

Kalighat Temple

A temple dedicated to Goddess 'Kali', this is one place that attracts travelers from all parts of the globe. A visit to the city of joy does not end without the blessings of presiding deity of this famous temple.

Birla Planetarium

Established in 1963, Birla Planetarium was the first astronomical auditorium in India. A dome shaped Planetarium that has been built on the lines of the Buddhist Stupa at Sanchi this place of interest in Kolkata can provide you with the telescopic views of the stars, asteroids, moon, planets etc.

Academy of Fine Arts

If you have the artistic bent in you then a visit to the Academy of Fine Arts is a must for you. The academy offers an assortment of sculptures, contemporary Indian art miniature paintings and manuscripts which are personal collections of some of the greatest artists of Bengal and the country alike.

Howrah Bridge

Synonymous with Kolkata, the Howrah Bridge is popularly known as the Rabindra Setu. A distinguished gem in the name of architecture and engineering the Howrah Bridge is rated as one of the most beautiful and busy bridges in the world. The bridge forms a connecting link between Kolkata and Howrah. If you really want to appreciate the beauty of this bridge then you can take a boat ride in the calm Ganges.