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Holy Places in Kolkata

Are you in Kolkata not with a single intention of roaming around the city, dining and shopping? If you are keen on visiting your prayer hall as you do I t in your home city, then the holy places in Kolkata will find some solace for you. Kolkata holy places include temples, mosques, and churches and have room for all religion’s devotees. Pray from the core of your heart at these Kolkata holy place s and amass some good deeds at the end of your tour.

Kalighat Temple Kolkata

Kalighat temple is one of the most known landmarks and holy places in Kolkata. In 16th century, Sabarna Roychowdhury, the zamindar of the city established this temple. In later periods, the temple has undergone changes many times and the present temple was established in 1809. It is located in present South Kolkata and visited by hundreds and thousands of devotees throughout the year. It is believed that one of the body parts of Sati during the ravaging dance, Pralay, fell here. But this is the mythological part. The modern story is based on this myth. The place is well-connected via metro, bus and rail to the other parts of the city and getting there is easy enough.

Dakshineswar Temple Kolkata

Dakshineswar Temple is 20 km north from the city central and enjoys everyday thousands of visits. In 1847, the queen of Janbazar, Rani Rasmani, established this holy place of Kolkata. The place is well-known to the pious Hindus its associations with religious thinkers like Shri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda. The vast courtyard, the grove adjacent and the ever-flowing Ganges will gift a touch of serenity to any devout visitor. One of the best holy places in Kolkata, Dakshineswar temple is an architectural spectacle as well. Across the river, the Belur Math is also amongst the greatest holy places of Kolkata.

Nakhoda Mosque

Nakhoda Mosque is amongst the holy places in Kolkata meant for Muslims. In 1926, Abdar Rahim Osman built this mosque. This Kolkata holy place is situated at the very Y-junction of Chitpur Road and MG Road and close to the city central. The holy place of Kolkata has an accommodation for 15,000 people to perform Namaaz together. The mosque and its Buland Darwaja is a perfect replication of Akbar’s tomb and its gate in Fatehpur Sikri.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Just to the east of the famous landmark of Kolkata, Victoria Memorial, this church is situated. The holy place of Kolkata that has been providing prayer space for the Christians of the city for years was built up in 1847. But since then it has gone through collapses and renovation many times. The cathedral is 247 ft high and the first ever Episcopal Cathedral in an Asian country.

Pareshnath Jain Temple

The Pareshnath temple, a must-visit for a pious Jain is located on the north-eastern part of the city and projects beautiful colas of mirror and glass mosaic. The marble floors and the adjoining garden are also two of the reasons why this is one of the holy places in Kolkata.