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Gardens in Kolkata

Kolkata as a city is privileged to have a major river of the country, Ganges, as its main water-resource. But the advantage of being a riverside city has not only stayed confined within the availability of water, it has reached further. The sediment of the river has given birth of many plants and trees naturally. The gardens in Kolkata are the places that have given room to these plants and trees and offers visionary pleasure to the visitors. They are well-planned and enormous. They can absorb your mind and conscience and liberate from the grey shades of the city. Lush green, affectionate shadows and abundant shrubbery will amaze you.

Indian Botanical Garden Kolkata

If you are an admirer of nature, then you will just love to get lost in the vast greenery of one of the gardens in Kolkata. There are myriad species of plants and trees in a real peaceful coexistence. It’s located actually in Howrah district but along the Vidyasagar Bridge, it’s just a negligible minutes drive. The garden is also one of the oldest gardens of Kolkata as it was built in 1786. At present, there are 12000 living plants and over two millions of dried out plant samples. The entry fee is nominal and there is a wide space for car parking.

If you are already in the garden, know a couple of facts that may enthrall your stay in the garden. Don’t miss the banyan tree which is the oldest in the world. it’s an amazing fact that the tree has no main trunk now. But 1573 branches provide support to the main tree. The tree covers an area of 404 Sq m. also watch out for myriad species of flora as the garden boasts of having many of these which are only born Nepal, Brazil, China and other countries. The garden of Kolkata is also popular for the upgrade and development of tea which is one of the most profitable export items of India.

Zoological Garden

Zoological garden in Kolkata is one of the main tourist attractions since old times. It is located on the Alipore Road on the southern part of the city. It is a shelter to many mammals, reptiles and birds. They are nurtured amidst lush green and their food-habit is kept the same. This is one of the most visited gardens in Kolkata because of the variety of fauna. In terms o f number of creatures, the garden is the biggest in the country. It was set up ij the year of 1875.

A few kilometers away from the City Central, the place is one of the prime tourist-spots of the country. Until recently, the zoo housed a 120 years old tortoise which was one of the oldest in the world. Winter is the best time to visit the garden as myriad migratory birds from Siberia and other parts of the world fly in the beautiful Kolkata garden to make a seasonal stay. The white tiger is the best attraction over here. The Royal Bengal tiger and the Macao bird are some of the creatures that grab the attention of many tourists.