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Beaches near Kolkata

Kolkata as a city is deprived of the vastness of beach as the city does not enjoy a proximity to the Bay of Bengal. But those who love sea do not want to stay confined within any boundary. For them, a short drive for reaching the golden sands is not an easy task. If are keen enough, here are a few beaches near Kolkata listed and described only for you.


This is the best seaside near Kolkata. The place is yet now completely deprived of modern amenities. As there is no light from Chawulkhola, the nearest touch point, to Mandarmani, better you reach the place before dark. The thoroughfare is a perfect escape from civilization. If you love countryside, the road will also charm you before getting to the beach. From the City Central, it is 63 kilometers away.

Once you reach Mandarmani, one of the newest beaches near Kolkata, you will be warmly invited by the hotels of the area. They are a stark contrast against the basic nature of the area as these hotels are equipped with world-class facilities and never let you feel that you are outside your home. Digante, Sonar Bangla, Rose Valley, Neel Nirjaney are some of the most-sought taverns here. Get in and explore the comfy inside.

Once you are out of the hotel, you will be amazed to see the savage, deep sea. Watching the fishermen at their job is an exquisite experience as found in the most promising beaches near Kolkata and one of the finest in the country. 5-6 kilometers away, there is a delta which is also a must-see for the tourists. Enjoy the sea foods, especially the red crabs, fried red, at the kiosks dispersed on the Mandarmani beach.


Digha is one of the most visited beaches near Kolkata. This seashore near Kolkata can be your perfect destination if you are looking for a short stay out from the city hassles. There are several buses from Kolkata everyday touching the seaside town. You can also get there by train from Howrah station.

A lot of fun will be waiting you once you have reached Digha. There are several luxury hotels and guest houses in Digha. Hotel Sea Hawk, Hotel Seagull, Hotel Geetanjali are a few to name. Don’t miss the fried fishes that are sold hot on the beach. New Digha is a good place for sea-bathing and you can just have fun unlimited once you jump in the sea.

The bars and wine-shops of the Kolkata beach are fully stocked and can offer you the best brands from all around the globe.


Talsari is one of the few beaches near Kolkata that can gift you tranquility. The place is well-connected to Digha as well as Kolkata. The sunset at this beach close to Kolkata is really inspirational. Drive 8-9 kilometers from Digha to reach this beach of West Bengal. But a disadvantage of the place is there is not enough number of hotels here in Talsari. Paanthsala is the best place to lodge in.