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Shopping in Kolkata

About - Shopping in Kolkata

Whether you are the budget traveler or the elite brand conscious one, this city simply sweeps you off your feet as far as shopping centers are concerned. One of the best and cheapest open air shopping destinations in the world, Kolkata actually offers the most assorted range of goods under the sun. The specialty of Kolkata includes Tant sarees, cotton fabric, handlooms and handicrafts

About – Kolkata Shopping Malls

Offering room for everyone Kolkata offers a number of reputed showrooms of national and international brands. Struck with the mall culture Kolkata has witnessed a huge influx of some of the biggest malls in the country. The malls in the city are even grander than five star hotels. Offering brand names and designs of some of the best fashion designers in the country the malls in Kolkata apparently experience the highest rate of footfall in Asia. The top five malls in the city provide merchandize of all categories ranging from fabric stores, ready to wear stores, jewelry stores, home appliance stores, gift stores and more.

About – Street Kolkata

The open air shopping centers in the city are a tourist’s delight. Be it apparels, jewelery, accessories, handicrafts or artifacts the street markets in the city are just too good to resist. A one of a kind experience, the various street markets in the city are massive crowd pullers. If you are a good bargainer then you can make the most of it in the various open air shopping centers in Kolkata. Flooded with small eateries that serve the most exotic range of the specialties of the city the street markets are more of a fun time than anything else. If huge and colorful stocks of merchandize excite you then the streets of Kolkata are definitely awaiting your arrival. Mostly frequented by the fashion conscious college goers the open air shopping centers witness huge crowds specially on weekends.

About – New Market in Kolkata

When it comes to shopping you simply cannot miss out on the new Market. It is Kolkata's oldest and most popular shopping centers. Housing over 2000 stalls and shops this market is an excellent place for ethnic Indian garments. Offering the widest range of goods under one roof New Market is a big crowd puller. It attracts tourists from different parts of the country who come and shop their hearts out in this market. Be it cheap jewelry or eye ladies accessories this market provides it all.