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Pubs and Bars in Kolkata

Are you parched hanging around the city of Kolkata? Are the roadside kiosks with colorful bottles of cokes and lassis not fitting your taste? Over 18 years of age? Just swing in any of the pubs and bars in Kolkata. They are so colorful, so deep and dark that you can at once resort to absolute illusion. And if you have a tough nerve, don’t get hallucinated after few pegs, keep drinking as the pubs and bars of Kolkata mostly are open till midnight. Mostly located in Central and South Kolkata, these watering holes are full packed with brands from all around the planet and can satisfy your desire as well.

Chowringhee Bar in Kolkata

One of the most featured vintage bar in local movies, the bar boasts of having special sections for wine, beer and regular spirits. Just inside the Oberoi hotel, the bar is a must-go for the retro drinkers. If you have already reached the City central Esplanade, just take a cab or drive on your own along Jawaharlal Nehru Road to reach one of the oldest pubs and bars in Kolkata.

Olympia Pub in Kolkata

Olympia Pub, mostly popular as OlyPub, enjoys a flock of artists, poets and intellectuals of the city. Enter the pub and time will start to rewind before your eyes. This is the story before your first drink ordered. But after a few strokes, you will find why this pungent inn is chosen one of the best pubs and bars in Kolkata. The ambience is absolutely hypnotizing. You won’t have to search for long as the pub is located at the heart of the city, just near to Park Street Trincas; open till 11 pm.

Tantra Night Club in Kolkata

Tantra, apart from offering a large and diversified stock of wine, congas and cigars has a dedicated dance floor that will keep you upbeat till midnight. Located at 17, Park Street, the place is most visited by the city’s party animals.

Someplace Else Night Club in Kolkata

If real good music with adequate drinking means ambrosia for you, this pub of Kolkata is a must-visit for you. Enjoy the jamming sessions of different upcoming bands of the city on Friday nights while you sip deep your own peg of Vodka. Moments are always memorable at this Park Street bar cum nightclub of Kolkata.

The London Pub in Kolkata

As night advances, the authentic British pub of Kolkata keeps unfolding itself. All the intercontinental beer brands are available in this tavern. Te exact address is 1&2, Little Russell Street. Once you are in, you have visited one of the best pubs and bars in Kolkata.

Shisha Bar in Kolkata

This is one of the fewest Hookah bars of the city of Kolkata. Enjoy the aristocracy rolled within the smoke you exhale, in different tastes, in different aromas. It is located at Camac Street so well connected to the other parts of the city.

Dublin Irish Bar in Kolkata

Dublin is one of the elite pubs and bars in Kolkata. It is the inside cocktail lounge of ITC Sonar Bangla. This is the lonesome Irish dance bar in Kolkata. Whoosh on your wheels along the Bypass Avenue of the city to reach this well-stocked and multi-shaded pub of Kolkata. It’s adjacent to Science City.
Apart from these, there are innumerable small, medium and large scale pubs and bars in Kolkata that are sprinkled on various parts of the city. Drink to your health and rediscover happiness in the City of Joy.