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Food and Dining in Kolkata

Food and Dining in Kolkata

Kolkata is a cosmopolitan city where people from different background and culture thrive. Diversity is something that is quite prevalent in the city of Kolkata. There are several restaurants in Kolkata that serve wide variety of dishes starting from vegetarian to non vegetarian dishes, deserts, appetizers, soups along with popular sweet dishes. The city of Kolkata boasts about 270 restaurants that offer speciality food and dining services to all its guests. As far as food and dining in Kolkata is concerned, the city offers some of the finest quality dining experiences to its food lovers.

People of Kolkata savor authentic Bengali food which would be a platter of "Rice, lentils, fish curry and sweets." Some of the famous Bengali recipes are Khichdi (blended rice and lentils), labra (mixed vegetables), dim bhaja (fried eggs), Begun bhaja (egg plant sliced and fried) and alu posto (fried potatoes) that can be taken with supplementary like luchi or Paratha. The Kolkata snacks would be Singara, Egg Roll, Kachuri with Aloo Dum (Potato curry), Alur Chop and much more. Kolkata is known for its sweets like rasgolla, sandesh, payesh, jilpi and pantua.

If one is looking out for North Indian food then there are several restaurants in Kolkata like Mirch Masala, Teej that offer special Rajasthani flavors as far as food and dining is concerned. Enjoy excellent Punjabi food at Honey Da Dhaba. Savour the traditional Bengali cuisine at restaurants like Oh Calcutta, Aheli and Kewpies in the city of Kolkata. A must indulgence should be the South Indian thali as far as food and dining experiences in Kolkata is concerned. Restaurants like Raj Restaurant or Malgudi Junction offer excellent South Indian delights.

If you are hunting for Chinese food then there are plenty of them in Kolkata starting from China Valley, Chinoiserie, Pan Asian, Mainland China, Red Hot Chilli Pepper and Waldorf Restaurant. There are several fast food outlets as far as food and dining in Kolkata is concerned. Subway, Pizza Hut, Domino's are some of the well known branded outlets in Kolkata that offers vegetarian and no-vegetarian pizzas, pastas, burgers, beverages, appetizers, soups, salads and desserts. If Mughlai cuisines are what you wish for, then opt to visit restaurants like Arsalan and Shiraz and Zeeshan.

Coffee House in Kolkata is a regular hang out destination for college and university students. During the 60s, Coffee House was an intellectual spot where topics about the literary and cultural movement in Bengal were mainly discussed. There are several trendy cafe corners that have emerged like Coffee Cafe Day and Barista where one can indulge in wonderful delights as far as fine food and dining in Kolkata is concerned. The coffee shops in Kolkata offer excellent cakes, sandwiches, pastries, patties, colas, tea and coffee as per one’ choice and preferences.

Indulge and experience some of the finest and premium dining services in Kolkata as far as Food and Dining in Kolkata is concerned. So the next time one travels to Kolkata, they should relish and delight in some of the excellent food that the city has to offer.