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Health Clubs in Kolkata

Health Clubs in Kolkata

Are you contemplating on joining a health club? If yes, then its time to leave behind all your contemplations and get enrolled in any of the health clubs. Health clubs are very helpful to those who seriously think of keeping themselves physically fit and active.

Like all other cities, there are also several health clubs in Kolkata situated in different corners of the city. The health clubs in Kolkata gives you the opportunity for regular workouts. It often happens with most of us that though we intend to exercise and keep ourselves healthy, yet we cannot always put our intensions into a routine based practice. Getting oneself associated with the health clubs will develop that commitment towards exercise within you.

The Kolkata health clubs besides keeping you physically fit also relaxes your mind in the form of socialization. Visiting the health clubs regularly, gives you the chance to know and interact with people of different backgrounds and exchange ideas among yourselves on anything that excites you. Many people often tend to become good friends as well.

The health clubs in Kolkata are equipped with all the modern and important infrastructure and services to cater to the exercising needs of its members. Besides the newest equipments, weights, etc, there is also the scope for aerobic routines, meditation and yoga classes that not only keeps you active physically but also rejuvenates your soul and mind. From diverse methods, techniques, methods to machines and services you would find it all at the health Clubs of Kolkata.

Below is mentioned some of the popular health clubs in Kolkata, where you can step in for a better and healthy life:

Slim & Gym
19A, Northern Park, Dunlop
Kolkata: 700 056

He & She
21A, Nimchand Mitra Street
Kolkata: 700 035

Addlife Gymnasium & Health Spa
22 Camac Street Block-D, 5th. Floor
Kolkata: 700 016
Tel:+(91)-(33)-2359 7575
Fax:+(91)-(22)--6698 6506

Preetom's Jymkhana
A/92, Lake Gardens
Kolkata: 700 045
Tel:+(91)-(33)-2483 1398

Health Koch
2/8A, Sarat Bose Road
Kolkata: 700 020
Tel:+(91)-(33)-2454 0833, 2454 0834
Fax:+(91)-(33)-2474 5445

Self Defence Carate
P138, Senhati Behala
Kolkata: 700 034
Tel:+(91)-(33)-2478 1162

Naresh Chadha
164, Lake Gdn, Happy Home Co- Op
Kolkata: 700 045
Tel:+(91)-(33)-2417 8410

Naanis Multigym & yoga
10/2 S N Chatterjee Road
Kolkata: 700 034
Tel:+(91)-(33)-2458 6534

VLCC Healthcare Ltd.
Flat No. 1c & 1d, 16/S & 15 N
Block A, New Alipur
Kolkata - 700 001
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2457 7276, 2457 7277

Vivekanand Kendra Yogas
69K, Prince Bakhtiar Shah Road
Kolkata - 700 033
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2473 3340

Eldorado Health Club
8 A, Dover Lane
Kolkata: 700 023
Tel:+(91)-(33)-2464 9530

Abhirupa Yoga Kendra
B Garden Howrah
Kolkata - 700 033
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2668 2012

Astanga Ayurvedic Centre and Beauty Culture
20/1/1C, Ballygunge station Road
Kolkata: 700 019
Tel:+(91)-(33)-2440 1053, 2440 1054
Fax:+(91)-(33)-2440 1053

Ayurvedacharya Nirmal Chandra Ray
2/C, Gopal Mitra Lane, Baghbazar
Kolkata: 700 003
Tel:+(91)-(33)-2555 5589

Ghazni Pharmacy
64, Colootola Street
Kolkata: 700 073
Tel:+(91)-(33)-3099 5106

Keep Fit
Anandamoye Ashram, Ichapur, Howrah
Kolkata - 711104
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2677 1807

Sanjeevani Health Club
34, Chittaranjan Avenue , Jabakusum House,
Mezanine Floor
Kolkata - 700 001
Tel:+(91)-(33) 3098 7701, 3094 8175

Addlife Gymnasium & Health Spa
22 Camac Street Block-D, 5th. Floor
Kolkata - 700 016
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2359 7575

H.L. Slimming Point Pvt. Ltd.
AE 359, Sector-I, Kwality
Kolkata - 700 064
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2359 7759

Mukul Dutta Yoga Class
Yogapith Yoga Centre107 A Durga Ch Road K
Kolkata - 700 001
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2244 9637

14 A, Burdawan Road, Alipor
Kolkata - 700 027
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2449 1930, 2449 1958

Panache Zone
2, Jatin Bagchi Road
Kolkata - 700 029
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2464 382

Vivekanand Kendra Yogas
69K, Prince Bakhtiar Shah Road.
Kolkata - 700 033
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2473 3340

Abhirupa Yoga Kendra
B Garden Howrah
Kolkata - 711 103
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2668 2012

Self Defence Carate
P138, Senhati Behala
Kolkata - 700 034
Tel:+(91)-(33) 2478 1162

Get Well Clinic
26-A, Bangur Avn.,Block-A, Kolkata, Pin Code: 700055,
Ph: 09433773255,

H L Slimming Point P Ltd
369 Block-K New Alipore, Kolkata: 700053
Tel. No.24468044

Health Through Karate
P-22, Bondel Road, Kolkata: 700019,
Tel. No.22403146

Physique Body Fitness Centre
D-589,Lake Gardens, Kolkata: 700045
Tel. No.24224020