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24 hour chemists in Kolkata

Kolkata is known for its well established chemist shops that offer round the clock medical assistance to its patients. Get regular health checkup and treatment at these medicine shops in Kolkata where specialist doctors sit for treatment. The 24 hour chemists in Kolkata are open day and night and offer proper medical attention to the needy ones.

There are several medical shops in and around Kolkata that offer 24 hour support to its patients. The 24 hour Chemists shops in Kolkata offer wide variety of medicines and medical support to its patients as per doctor’s prescription and advice.

Unavailability of medicines at the right time are the main cause of death for several ailment among people who suffer from major illnesses like leukemia, stroke, cardiac problems, brain ailments, liver dysfunction, hepatitis and much more. Get round the clock medical facilities, life saving drugs, baby food, and herbal cosmetic products at these 24 hour chemists’ shops in Kolkata.

The 24 hour chemists in Kolkata offer life saving support to patients like:

  • 24 hours ambulance service
  • 24 hours blood bank
  • Supply of oxygen to its patients
  • The list of some of the 24 hour chemists in Kolkata are listed below:

    Amiya Medical Stores
    Tel: 24770566

    Amrita Medical Stores
    Tel: 24491447

    Anandamoyee Medical Stores
    Tel: 22460655

    Angle Drug Centre
    Tel: 22842421/442421

    Anjali Medical Centre
    Tel: 24301321

    Annapurna Medical Hall
    Tel: 22233163

    Annapurna Medical Hall
    Tel: 22233163

    Annapurna Medicos
    Tel: 22483609

    Archana Medical Stores
    Tel: 25856390

    Arya Baidya Pharmacy
    Tel: 24660546

    Ashoka Store
    Tel: 24667149/3573

    Ashutosh Medical Stores
    Tel: 25920789

    Aswini Medical Hall
    Tel: 24681861

    B.M.R.I. Pharmacy
    Tel: 24531365

    B.R. Sing Medical Stores
    Tel: 26660199

    Babli Medical Stores
    Tel: 24765689

    Ballygunge Drug Centre
    Tel: 22470806, 28650257

    Banerjee Medical Stores
    Tel: 2670806, 28650257

    Bansal Medical Service
    Tel: 26667094/0102/1913

    Basu Drug House
    Tel: 953522-255180

    Basu Medical
    Tel: 953522-270974

    Beckbagan Blue Print
    Tel: 22800857

    Beliaghata Medical Hall
    Tel: 23536744

    Bell Vue
    Tel: 22472321/22

    Bengal Medical Stores
    Tel: 24476753

    Bengal Pharmacy
    Tel: 25554439

    Bharat Medical Hall
    Tel: 25274079

    Bhattacharjee Medical
    Tel: 24119622