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Weather and Climate in Kolkata

Weather and Climate in Kolkata

Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal, is among the favored place for many both at the national and international level. Nevertheless, before you visit the City of Joy, you should have an idea of the weather and climate in Kolkata so that you can plan the time of your trip along with other necessary arrangements in keeping with the climate of Kolkata.

Kolkata experiences a tropical dry and wet climate. While the ‘annual mean temperature of the city is 26.8 °C, the monthly mean temperature is in between 19 °C to 30 °C. Close proximity to the sea has a major influence on the weather and climate in Kolkata. Kolkata has three major seasons, hot summers, monsoons and comfortable winters.

The months from March to June experiences the humid and hot summer seasons in Kolkata, with the month of May being the hottest of all. The maximum temperature in Kolkata at this time rises to 41° C. The southwesterly monsoon winds accompany the summer months in Kolkata besides small showers and strong winds called the Nor'westers or 'Kal Baishakhi' by the locals.

The month of June witnesses the arrival of monsoons in the city which rests till the month of September. Southeastern monsoon winds accompany the monsoons in Kolkata. The month of August receives the highest rainfall in Kolkata with the average rainfall being 306 mm. The average annual rainfall in Kolkata is almost 1582 mm. Monsoon is followed by the autumn which lasts for a very small period of time.

The later half of the month of October marks the winter in Kolkata and with it starts the most comfortable and pleasing weather in Kolkata. The temperatures during the winter season in Kolkata vary from 12° C to 14° C. Winters are characterized by hazy and misty early mornings with almost no humidity. The best time to visit the cultural city of Kolkata is during the winter that is in between the months of October to February.