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Cinema in Kolkata

Cinema in Kolkata is a popular culture since early 20th century. The first Bengali film was released in 1919. Billwamangal, the silent feature film was directed by Hiralal Sen, one who pioneered the Bengali film industry, to be more precise, Kolkata film industry, today’s Tollywood. Debaki Bose and Pramathesh Barua were film stars of that time. The collared Punjabi wore by Pramathesh Barua in films made it a style statement for the then youth of Kolkata. Cinema in Kolkata took an altogether different turn in 1931 when the first talkie, Dena Paona got released. Legendary composer Rai Chand Boral composed and directed the music of the movie. Four years later, the city halls got a big box office hit, Devdas where Barua as an actor earned rave review from all parts of the society. Kanan Devi was the first glamour-queen of in the history of Kolkata cinema periphery. With extremely talented actors like Pahari Sanyal, Chhobi Biswas, Bikash Roy acting in Bengali features films, the Kolkata cinemas were doing extremely fine but that took a revolutionary turn when Uttamkumar and Soumitra Chatterjee emerged as matinee idols. From 60’s and 70’s, a new genre of parallel movie makers came into scenario. 70’s is marked as the golden era of Bengali movie. Satyajit Roy, Mrinal Sen, Rittwik Ghatak were parts of these talented flock and they revered the film industry to international stratum. With new faces like Prosenjit, Tapas Pal and Chiranjit, the film industry took a different turn in 80’s and 90’s. Still today, it is rapidly growing with emergence of new matinee idols like Dev and Jeet. Though, today’s scenario is somewhat different. Cinema in Kolkata is now segregated in different parts. While many urban viewers love to watch Hindi, English and parallel Bengali movies, the suburb sect still fall for commercial Bengali movies.

However, knowing the history part is not all of it. If you are keen on watching a movie in any of the popular halls and multiplexes of Kolkata, here’s a comprehensive list for you.

Forum, Elgin Road

A lavish multiplex with seating capacity of 1000, the Elgin Road Forum enjoys an augmented bistro as well. Call 033 2358 4499 for any query you have.


One of the oldest halls in the city, Lighthouse has witnessed many ups-and-downs of cinema in Kolkata. The super-facility hall will offer you utmost comfy with the movie you will watch. Call 033 2249 1299 for further queries.


Nandan is one of the snobbish multiplexes of the city. It is the oldest of its kind in Kolkata. It is one of the main hosts of the city film festival. Calling 033 2223 1210 will get you know the show timing details.

INOX Salt Lake

INOX Salt Lake is situated adjoined to one of the epicenters for shopping and hanging out, City Center. So watching a movie here will let you do more. Watch your movie, shop, eat, drink and be merry. Before that, make a call to 033 2358 4499 to know more.

89 Cinemas

One of the classiest multiplexes in Kolkata, the 89 Cinemas is a short drive away from the city central if you take the Bypass Road. Enjoy the dishes of the exquisite eateries of the multiplex. Ring 033 2358 8900 for any doubt.

Priya (033 2464 1313), Jaya (033 2534 8680) and Star Theatre (previously theater hall) are some of the other good cinema halls in Kolkata. Cinema in Kolkata is indebted to all these halls and multiplexes of Kolkata.