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Entertainment and Recreation in Kolkata

Entertainment and Recreation in Kolkata literally does not know any boundaries. The city knows well how to stay colorful with festivity throughout the year. Apart from festivals like Durga Puja or New Years Eve, the city offers manifold options for entertainment and recreation all through the year. If Kolkata is your home, you are most likely to know better how every neighborhood of the city enjoys the insignia of life in every possible way. And for weekend hang out, the city has myriad options that have been captivating the tourists to the city for decades. Let’s gather some information about the hubs of Kolkata entertainment and recreation.

Adventure Sports in Kolkata

Adventure sports have been a cup of tea for the daring citizens and tourists who visit the city of Kolkata. Those who are really brave, does not want to stay confined within the boundaries of normality and regularity fall for these type of sports,. Kolkata has well-arranged the options for adventure sports for them. If you are a motor sports aficionado, don’t forget to visit the Monte Carlo Karting Circuit. It’s near the pacemaker of the city, Bypass road where you can hold strong your car’s steering, fortify your nerves and whoosh on your mighty wheels. If you love skating, Kolkata has an option for you. Surprised? Thinking how can the tropical city offer a place for that good sport? Well, the artificial ice skating ring will give the whole look and feel and endless fun. Zarmatt is another place where you can try your nerves on trekking, camping and caving. It’s a whole thing inside.

Amusement Parks in Kolkata

Now a little bit lighter story, indeed. Amusement parks of Kolkata are many and they spread fun and frolic in the air of the hustling and bustling city of Kolkata. They strictly follow the international standard and in any amusement park of Kolkata, endless fun is assured for you. If you are water-sports lover, try out the Aquatica, the one lying o the fringes of the City of Joy. Jump in blue water, whiz down the lofty water-rides and have unlimited fun. Get wet and make wet your friends. Nicco Park Kolkata is another hub for entertainment and recreation in Kolkata. Located near the industrial corner of the city, the park is the focal point of unlimited fun. There are many rides that will toss you up and down. Get excited! On the other hand, Swabhumi is a theme park that will offer you the glimpse of old Kolkata, a theme park with delicious destinations inside.

Art Galleries in Kolkata

If you have arrived in Kolkata to know the cultural heritage of Kolkata, these places are best for your entertainment and recreation. Kolkata art galleries are the centers of fine art in Kolkata. There are many art galleries dotted across the map of Kolkata. These art galleries in Kolkata will basically show you why the city is called the Cultural capital of India. CIMA art gallery, which was opened in 1993, is the most visited one of the times. Chitrakoot art gallery can also be your destination in Kolkata if you love arts and crafts. AAkriti Art Gallery, Domus Art Gallery, Master Collection Art gallery, gallery Sanskrit are some other distinguished art galleries of Kolkata as well as the major points of entertainment and recreation in Kolkata.

Auditoriums in Kolkata

Auditoriums in Kolkata are great places for entertainment and recreation in Kolkata. Before finally entering in one of these auditoriums in Kolkata, get to know that Kolkata is the epicenter of theater movement in Bengal and India. The city has introduced many talented theatric personalities and some of them are well-known faces of Bollywood and local films as well. Films apart, Kolkata auditoriums do no t only serve as centers for entertainment and recreation but also they work as a center of learning and intellectual solace. Girish Manch, Rabindra Sadan, Sisir Mancha, Madhusudan Mancha are to name a few of them.

Cinema halls in Kolkata

Kolkata film industry has been the brooder for many promising talents who have rocked the silver screen of different regions of India and the world. A cluster of eminent film directors, actors, musicians live here. Kolkata cinema halls well-reflect this trend and have been attracting insiders and outsiders both for years. INOX multiplexes, Forum, Priya, Nandan, Star Theatre (basically an auditorium, renovated and modified) are to name a few. Basically, there are more than a few cinema halls in Kolkata that serve as prime pints of entertainment and recreation in Kolkata.

Stadiums in Kolkata

For sports lovers, Kolkata has some really big sports arenas that have earned high accolade across the globe. The city is held as the Mecca of Indian football and the Yubabharati Stadium standing on the verges is a football hub of the city. It’s a place where eminent stars like Maradona and Oliver Kahn has visited. The Eden Gardens of Kolkata is the focal point for the country’s cricket-lovers. It is the oldest cricket stadium outside British Isles. Netaji Subhash Indoor stadium, on the other hand, is the biggest indoor stadium in Asia.

Libraries in Kolkata

For bookworms, Kolkata has a wide range of options. The libraries of Kolkata serve as the centers for entertainment and recreation for them. In a city where education and culture are like identity, what else could be better? Kolkata libraries are, therefore, the centers for recreation and knowledge sharing. The British Council Library, the Asiatic Society, the American Library, Chaiytanya Library, State and Central Library fall in this category.

Nightlife in Kolkata

The nocturnal doings take a full swing in midnight Kolkata. The city knows how to cross boundaries and have created a lot of space for the party animals. The pubs and bars in Kolkata, the discs all keep busy the party animals to the dark deep of night. These nightclubs and watering holes are good places for entertainment and recreation in Kolkata. Tantra, Someplace Else, Big Ben dance Club just work as a magnet for the madding crowd.