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Education and Training in Kolkata

Kolkata being the cultural capital of India is proud of being the birthplace of many educationalists, scholars and intellectuals in the past. The city still nurtures and shapes millions of students’ future and will be continuing doing so. It’s not a single university or a school or an international standard B-school, but the environment of the city as a whole is very much in favor of education. The city is a learning epicenter of the country. From the buzzing college street to the tranquil campus of Jadavpur University, from the century long pride of Medical College to the aesthetic excellence of Rabindrabharati campus, from the good old university of Calcutta to the avant-garde B-schools of the city, the City of Joy fosters edification in every aspect. Education and training in Kolkata therefore is the strong suit where the city excels.

Before entering the arena of education and training in Kolkata, let’s get a brief reflection of the eminent scholars who have made proud the city of Kolkata in the past. The city experienced the reformist movement. The Renaissance of Bengal as well as India had started its glorious sojourn from the cultural heart of Bengal. Raja Rammomohan Roy, Iswarchandra Vidyasagar and many more legendary educationalists was born here and Kolkata was predominantly their domain for work and research. As signs of the history of education and training in Kolkata, you can easily notice the archaic buildings that are the arenas for education in Kolkata. Old schools and colleges like University of Calcutta, Hindu School, Medical College of Kolkata are to name a few. The Jorasanko house of Nobel laureate world-poet Rabindranath Tagore is considered as an axis of Kolkata education and culture.

However, modern Kolkata, being one of the metropolises of the country and an important epicenter of business and tourism in South Asia, has tints of internationality as well. The city has paved the way for international standard education and newer courses are being introduced by either the prime universities or the overseas institutes who are proud to open their learning centers in Kolkata. Engineering and management studies have grown extremely popular in the city of Kolkata. Students who are just passed out of school, are growingly falling for different courses like fashion designing, hospitality training or aviation management in Kolkata. Institutions in Kolkata, of whatever stream they are, cultivate learning as a whole in Kolkata. These institutes of Kolkata encompass each and every stream of education that a student might be dreaming for. Alongside, there are opportunities for ancient language like Sanskrit learning and many more offbeat courses. Kolkata institutions are truly the hubs for education and learning in Kolkata.

Kolkata has options for engineering studies, management studies, hotel management studies, medical courses, law courses; truly a wide array from what an aspirant can easily choose his or her favorite course. Education and training in Kolkata has grown comprehensively rich over the past few decades. With the emergence of the IT sector, there has been constant demand for skilled professions. Therefore, many vocational training institutes in Kolkata are offering courses on myriad subjects. Courses on multimedia and animation, film editing and fashion designing, cultural studies are increasingly gaining popularity. Education and training in Kolkata, on today’s date, has many bright prospects, some are identified, and some are yet to be.