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Kolkata- Overview

About – Kolkata

Popularly known as the city of Joy, Kolkata is the capital of the state of West Bengal. Formerly called Calcutta, Kolkata is located on the Eastern banks of the river Hooghly in India. Also referred to as the cultural capital of the state this city is ranked as the third most important metropolitans in the country. A multicultural state the city is home to a number of people belonging to different castes and cultures who live in harmony and peace. Famous for its malls, art galleries, nightlife and entertainment Kolkata draws millions of travelers from different parts of the country every year. Known for its affordability the citu provides cheap and comfortable accommodation to its visitors.

About – Kolkata Climate

Kolkata is famous for its monsoons and winters. The city witnesses extreme climates during the summers. Mostly hot and humid between the months of April – October temperatures generally shoot upto 42 'C. The winters in Kolkata are much more pleasant with temperatures sometimes reaching to about 9.6 'C’. Winters are the best time to visit Kolkata precisely the months between Octobers to February. Monsoons in Kolkata comprise oh heavy showers between the months of June – August.

About – Kolkata Culture

Known for its rich literary and artistic heritage Kolkata is also referred to as the cultural capital of India. Kolkata is famous for its love for traditional dance, theatre, classical music, poetry and more. Kolkata has been the birthplace of some of the most popular literary scholars of the country. The city boasts of a number of art galleries, cultural centers, heritage buildings and museums. Well known for the para, adda and club culture Kolkata has is one of the most homogeneous cities engrossed in the fun and frolic of daily life. Kolkatans are generally easy going and love to enjoy all the festivals with a whole lot of music dance and exquisite Bengali cuisine.

About – Kolkata Cuisine

Famous countrywide for their undying love for food, Kolkatans are said to lovers of all kinds of gourmet. As long as the food is tasty it does not matter to a Kolkata whether it is Chinese, Indian or continental. Starting from some of the most traditional Bengali restaurants to Pizza joints to authentic Mughlai cuisine Kolkatan enjoy them all. However the authentic Bengali cuisine consists of a rice fish and innumerable sweets which are generally a must in every Bengali household. True to its cosmopolitan culture the city caters to the likes of one and all. Some of the most popular Bengali sweets include rasagolla,sandesh and mishti doi

About – Kolkata Shopping

If shopping is what makes you happy then Kolkata gives you the opportunity to touch the stars. Flooded with malls, street markets and departmental stores Kolkata offers a plethora of shopping options. Catering to the likes of the elite and the middle class the city offers the widest range of brands and merchandize that one can ever think off. Be it jewelry, garments, handicrafts, books, music, toys, or footwear the various malls and open markets offer them all. The best part however remains that you can get things at the most surprising rates in this city. Know the art of bargaining and you can have your way.