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About Kolkata

Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, is the capital of West Bengal state of India. The city is regarded as the cultural capital of the country. It is at the same time the financial capital of eastern India, a gateway to the far-flung areas of the region. The city, located on the east side of the river Hooghly, ha s a glorious past and an ever-blooming present. With 15 million people residing in the city, it is the third most densely populated metros of the country. If we look back at the history of Kolkata, we will find that the city was once the capital of India as well. The city is one of the largest job-providing areas of the country.

  1. Accessibility Kolkata
  2. From Airport

    The Netaji Subhash International Airport, popularly called as Dum Dum Airport is situated on the fringes of the city. The best way to reach the city central once out from the airport formalities taking a drive along the New Town Main Arterial Road, take the Bypass if you want to go to the Southern part. In any way, reaching Bypass Road leads your way to any part of the city.

    From Howrah or Sealdah Railway Station

    Though there are two major railway stations in and around Kolkata, Howrah and Sealdah, there is a new station, Kolkata built up. The trio offers superb connectivity to all the other parts of the country. Cabs and buses and other means of public transport are available aplenty once you are out of the station.

    You can also take buses from other cities and states to reach Kolkata. The city is also well-connected this way.

  3. Key Facts
  4. Now get down to some inside stories of the city of Kolkata. There bare some raw fascinating facts about this eastern city that are better than any fiction.

    Political Strike

    If you think about Kolkata, you should think about political strikes as well. The city experiences pretty often agitation, procession and the one and only strike. This is one of the myriad features of the city. Try to keep some information in advance as on the very day of strike, you may have to arrange a backup plan.

    Cultural Heritage

    The city has been the birth or working place of several Nobel laureates. People o f the city is really rich in culture and the Kolkata Book Fair or the Indian Coffee House situated in the northern part of Calcutta or Kolkata will reveal this truth very mush. This is a place where many intellectuals live.


    This is one of the best things that you have to keep in count while turning over the pages of any travel guide about Kolkata. The eateries of the city offer best dishes of the world. Don't forget to try them out. Apart from the restaurants of the five and four star hotels of the city, the city of Kolkata also boasts of having some ethnic dishes and multi-cuisine as well.

  5. Civil Administration
  6. Let's take a quick look at the administrative structure of the city of Kolkata. There are five slabs inside the administrative structure of the city.

    Kolkata District: Kolkata at the same time of being a city is a district as well. So this is the district administrative body.

    Kolkata Municipal Area: The legislatures of the main city area though the city has expanded a lot in near past and the adjoining areas are ruled by different municipal bodies.

    Kolkata Police: One of the most-effective police sections of the country. Resort to them for any problem during your Kolkata tour.
    Kolkata Metropolitan Area Development Authority: this section is dedicated for legitimate planning and improvement of the city.

    Stories are really unending about Kolkata. Until and unless you visit the city, you can't feel the magic inside.