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Map of Kolkata

Map of Kolkata

Kolkata is the City of Joy in the true sense of the term. The city stays busy throughout the year with a lot of festivals, events, cultural programs and political strikes as well. Surprised? Well, this is the basic nature of the capital of West Bengal state of India. The city, formerly known as Calcutta, is perfect colas of political and cultural movements, festivity and football. Ranked as the third most densely populated city of the country, Kolkata takes pride in being the Cultural capital of India. The city is a gateway of business and tourism to the whole eastern and north-eastern India.

Kolkata is a tropical city. In summer (May and June), the temperature varies between 27 degree Celsius and 40 degree Celsius and in winter, it goes down to 9 degree Celsius and 20 degree Celsius. The city enjoys seasonal rainfall in the month of July and August. The city is rocked by thunderstorms in early summer which is known popularly as Kal baisakhi.

Kolkata city mainly falls under Kolkata Municipal Corporation area. The extended parts of the city are leaded by local municipalities. The mayor of the city chairs the elected council of 141 councilors representing 141 wards. Kolkata Police, headed by Superintendent of Police is the law enforcement agency of the city while on the other hand; Kolkata High Court is the oldest high court in India.

How to Reach
By Airway
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, popularly known as Dumdum Airport, links well the city to the other parts of the globe. There are quite a lot of airlines offering domestic and international flights. The list includes Air India, Kingfisher Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, British Airways and many more.

By Railway
Howrah, Sealdah and Kolkata terminuses serve as the doorways to the city. You can travel your way by train from any part of the country as these three stations play a major role in the transportation organism of Indian railways.

By Roadway
The city is connected via roadway not only to the other parts of the country but also to the neighboring country, Bangladesh and its capital, Dhaka. Various national highways and broadways have either crisscrossed or kissed the city fringes and if you plan to drive on your own, it's easy and convenient.

What to See
Kolkata is a city where tradition and modernity walk hand in hand. Exploring the city to the fullest is no t possible in one life as there are endless numbers of shades in the socio-cultural mosaic of the metropolis. What you can do as a sightseer is take a tour through numerous destinations like Victoria Memorial, Indian Museum, Race Course where the colonial history of the city will whisper to you. Do not miss Tagore's Hose, Northern part of the city, Indian Coffee hose, Kalighat as here you can find the old and real Kolkata. Take pleasure in many of the snobbish malls and multiplexes of the city like South City Mall and City Centre.
Where to Stay
A good number of five star and four star hotels are in Kolkata that can make your stay a memorable one. Hotel Taj Bengal, Hotel Hyatt Regency, Hotel The Park, Hotel HHI, Hotel Kennilworth are to name a few.

What to Eat
Don't miss Kolkata rassogolla and phoochka, mistis and various dishes of fish. Chinese, continental and other dishes are available as well.

Fact file of Kolkata
1480 sq. km
9m from sea level
Geographical Location
Latitude- 22° 33' N
Longitude- 88° 30'E
45, 80,544 (2001 Census)
Population Density
24,760/ sq. km
Official Language
Literacy Rate
Average annual Rainfall
24-42° C in summer
8-26°C in Winters
Sub tropical climate with summer monsoons
Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh
Important Festivals
Poila Baisakh, Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Eid-ul-Fitr, Saraswati Puja, Shivratri, Muharram, Christmas, Rathayatra, Dol
Bengali- 55%,
Hindi- 20%,
English- 10%,
others 15%
Major Tourist Attractions
Victoria Memorial, Indian Museum, Eden Gardens, Birla Planetarium, Howrah Bridg, Kali Mandir, Belur Math, Fort William, BBD Bagh, Dakshineshwar Kali Temple, Maidan, Botanical Garden, Tagore House, Church of St John, Marble Palace, Raj Bhawan, Town Hall, Nakhoda Mosque, and St. Paul's Cathedral
Best Time to Visit
October to March.
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